Neeraj Tewari

neeraj tewari headshotNeeraj Tewari is a hardworking professional in the telecommunications and IT industry. Living in Potomac, MD, he has over two decades of experience in finance, global engineering, operations, sales and customer relationship management. Although, he remains extremely busy in the professional spectrum he also enjoys many things outside of work and surrounds himself with fun and interesting activities to keep his work and home life in balance and to stay active and energetic towards each new day.

Neeraj Tewari enjoys many physical activities and various sports to remain fit and healthy. Among his favorites are football and tennis. While these sports are only considered hobbies, Neeraj works hard to improve his skills each and every time he takes the football pitch or the tennis court.

As a football enthusiast, Neeraj enjoys practicing his game. There are many benefits to football and Neeraj enjoys it for specific reasons. First, it helps him keep fit. By practicing often he keeps his body in peak condition and his stamina up. Second, it breaks the mundane routine of everyday life. Neeraj Tewari knows that when he takes the pitch he’ll have a refreshed feeling. It’s this experience that adds new life into each and every day. Third, he can hone his skills in a variety of ways. Neeraj enjoys watching skilled footballers and when he practices he tries to improve his techniques after these observations. He understands that football is a game that challenges you and pushes you to build your talent each time you play. Finally, Neeraj simply enjoys playing. The game of football is fun and has relaxing qualities that makes playing it easy to look forward to.

Neeraj Tewari also likes playing tennis, who likens the skill sets to that of football. He enjoys playing and improving on his skills and it is a fantastic way for him to relieve himself of the stresses he encounters. It is another way to remain fit and active and Tewari spends much of his spare time refining his skills in both tennis and football.

Finally, when Neeraj Tewari isn’t working, playing football or tennis, he is in the kitchen creating vibrant recipes with fresh ingredients. Similar to other aspects of his life, Neeraj improved upon his cooking techniques by taking classes. He aims to cook meals that are enjoyable to guests that he often invites over. He takes pleasure in using ingredients and techniques he’s taken from others and incorporates them into his dishes. Creative cuisines have always been a passion for him.